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Info Slice objects at the right angle as fast as you can. The judge decides who wins. Up to 2 Players. Split Screen. Wii Remote (Held Vertically) required for each player. Unlocked after playing Dual mode.

Matt is the judge of Speed Slice, if you are playing against him, Ryan, (who is your first opponent) takes his place.

Stamps Slice and Dice: Win the contest without missing a single object by slicing it the wrong way or failing to slice within the time limit. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode. Hint: Take your time.

Slicing Machine: Correctly slice at lease one of each of the 18 types or objects in single-player mode. Different colors count as different types. You'll need several rounds to get them all! Hint: See the checklist below

Psychic Slice: Cut an object correctly before it even hits the ground in single-player mode. You have to be psychic or lucky to pull this one off. Hint: Make several game devoted to swinging at them before they hit the ground. You will get one doing that. Don't worry about losing. Best to do this one while you have a low skill level. If you have a high skill level, restart the game at the end if you lose, but don't restart if you slice a object correctly before it hit the ground.

Double Time: Slice the alarm clock when the digits on the display are the same, such as 8.8, 7.7, 6.6, etc. You can only get this stamp in single-player mode. Hint: No Hint.

A Cut Above: Beat the Speed Slice Champion Empty your mind and slice with your instincts! Hint: The Champion will appear when you reach 1500, he will have a purple sword.

Object Checklist Tip: Print this page and keep it for reference

_______ Sushi Roll

_______ Egg

_______ Flower Vace

_______ Watermelon with Red Inside

_______ Watermelon with Yellow Inside

_______ Wood

_______ Cantaloupe with White Inside

_______ Cantaloupe with Yellow Inside

_______ Orange

_______ Candle

_______ Bamboo

_______ Bread

_______ Acorn

_______ Pencil

_______ Diamond

_______ Timer

_______ Cake

_______ Board